Time is flying by O_o

When I arrived at the Glasgow airport on Wednesday August 1st, I felt so relived that I made it to Scotland!!! It actually hit me the next day when I woke up to the sun beaming on my face. It was so rainy the night before that it took me by surprise. At first I thought I was home but when I looked outside the window I knew that I was far, far, far away from home.

Back to Wednesday night , I was given a tour of the flat (apartment). Which by the way is very nice. I was also surprised with a table full of gifts! I got flowers, Scotish tea cakes (Which are delicious!) candy,cheese, chips, soda, short bread cookies and a flag. I also got a map of Scotland and my own set of keys.

The next day on Thursday, I went on a tour of Perth (the city where i live in) , I learned how to get to the YMCA from the flat. Perth is a nice little city. It is one of the oldest in Scotland. You can see it in the architecture and the cobble stone streets. I also toured the YMCA. Although the Y was different from mine back home it felt good being there.

During my tour arround the city I came across a candy store where you can find all types of Ameican Candy. They even have Jelly Belly soft drinks O_o. The price for a regular size american candy bar (like snikers or a bag of emenims) cost 2 pounds. Thats $3.00, no thank you! I will stick to eating belgium chocolate. Also a box of lucky charms is $12, What!!. Let me tell you I lost all desire of ever buying or eating “american chocolate”. Well after the shock it was explained to me that anything exported from the US is really expensive. Especially a box of Lucky Charms because its banned from the UK.

Another interisting fact was that Scotland is the second country in the UK with the highest obesity rate O_o. The reason behind this is that they eat alot of foods that are deep fried like fish and chips. The most interesting one was deep fried pizza!!! On friday night I ate fish and chips, it was good but it was to much fried food for one sitting, I could not finish the rest of my fish and chips.I had a little piece of fried pizza, it wasn’t that bad it taste just like pizza. They say that a deep fried pizza with chips contains a whole week of calories.

But I did get the chanse to go to the grocery store. Like in the US , it cost more to eat healthy than get fast food. I spent $28 on grocerys and made chicken, broccoli and pasta with tomatoe sauce.,MMMMM it was really good. I even had it for lunch the next day.

Scotland is great so far! I’m enjoying every moment! : )


Iraimi M.





One thought on “Time is flying by O_o

  1. Iraimi I love your blog! I think you are way better off with eating Belgium chocolate over our American stuff :/ I can’t believe you’re all ready there starting your great adventure. You are going to help so many people. Keep posting! Much Love from California!

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