Exploring Perth

Saturday August 4,2012

I went to the Farmers Market!! I had such a great time! What is more exciting is that they have it on the first Saturday of every month. Next time , I will bring my camera and take some pictures. They have all types of chocolates, different varietys of meat, flowers, jelly, you name it! I even found some wine! I bought a strawberrie wine from a local winery called Cairn O’ Mohr, mmmmm it’s so good! It’s the closest thing to Moscato : )

On the way out of the farmers market I bought a magazine called “The Big Issue”. Someone explained that , The Big Issue is a local magazine that is sold by people who are experiencing homelessness . They buy a big bundle of the magazines and sell them . Whatever money they make they keep for themselves. It’s a way to prevent them from asking for handouts or resorting to stealing. This issue of “The Big Issue” , highlighted great britains cycling team and their pursuit of the gold medal. One of my favorite highlights in the issue was of Joel Hodgson, a former Big Issue vendor who got the chance to carry the Olympic torch through the streets of Newham, east London. Thats the kind of story that we need to share with our youth.

I decided to grab something for dinner on my way out. I had to decide between regular venice sausages or venice sausages with chocolate and chili . At the moment I thought, “chocolate and chili sounds interesting, it may taste good”. But I just setteled for regular venice sausages hahaha. They were really good. I had them with potatoes,vegetables, gravy and biscuits. This was one of those moments when I wished I had my camera. I have to get in the habit of carrying my camera around. Another treat that I had was a chocolate crossaint , ooohhh yeahh sooooo delicioso!! I had it with some tea the following day. It completed my week : )

I have to remember to pack for a field trip that I will be going on next monday. I will be  going to Alton Towers (our version of Canobie Lake Park) , an amusement park in England.

See you later , until the next post : )

Iraimi M.





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