Three days of Travel with kids obsessed with Irn-Bru.

Monday , August 6, 2012

I made my way to the town of Aberfeldy on Monday afternoon. Aberfeldy is about an hour away from Perth. It’s also a very small town, about 1,900 people live in Aberfeldy (keep in mind there is about 44,000 people that live in Perth).  I will be posting pictures of Aberfeldy very soon!

I  traveled to England by bus with kids that were obsessed with Irn-Bru. Irn-Bru is a very popular Scottish soda. It is also the number one selling soft drink in Scotland. The kids had cases and more cases of Irn-Bru. This soda has very large amounts of sugar. It had the kids wide awake and hyper! They needed all the energy that they could anyway because Alton Towers -amusemet park like Canobie lake- was big. As soon as we got of the bus the whole group was going to get on Oblivion. This ride was the scariest ride in Alton Towers. Can you imagine a vertical drop roller coaster. I just thought if I can get through this the other rides are going to be a piece of cake hahaha

I had a lot of fun with the kids they were so excited and engaged! On the way back from England I was really tired and realized that I just had eight days in Scotland. I have been doing so much since I arrived but it has all been very good experiences.

Love, Iraimi : )





One thought on “Three days of Travel with kids obsessed with Irn-Bru.

  1. Iraimi, its great to read your posts and hear about your adventures….know that we are praying for you and rooting for you back here in cold,wintry Brockton!! xo

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