The Exquisite Loch Tay

I spent my last week in Scotland at a residential in Loch Tay. It was a week full of reflection, overcoming fears and learning. One of the things that I enjoyed was when I went canyoning. It was GREAT! I jumped off water falls and found so many beautiful stones.


I will never forget my week in Loch Tay, “beautiful” or “breath taking ” dose not describe the feeling that overpowered me as I looked out into the clear blue sky and calm water. The fresh air tickled away the cold that was building up inside of me and inundated me with fluttering joy. I stared so hard out at the Loch that I could feel my body being overpowered by the mountains. The excessive clear blue sky slowly caused me tunnel vision. The fresh clear water kissed the shore with a classy current. I cant forget the white elegant clouds, they were live, waltzing across the sky. Loch Tay is a blessing from God.










One thought on “The Exquisite Loch Tay

  1. Hey Iraimi 🙂 I love the pictures and Loch looks beautiful!! Try and bring a stone home if you can as a keep sake. I’m glad you’re trying new things and going beyond your comfort zone. Keep your updates coming! Much Love from California~ Victoria

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