Another Journey to Begin


 Water fall in Sri Lanka
I have evolved so much in the last three and a half months. Sometimes I look at myself in the  mirror and I do not recognize myself. My outlook of life has changed dramatically. But one of the most transformative experiences, has been my spiritual growth. I feel alive. I feel love all around me and I feel and see Gods grace inside me and all around me. I even found my soul mate. I have been blessed by every experience that I have had and all the people that I have met. I wish that I had a film crew with me during the last five months so that you can actually see everything that has happened.
Currently I have been deeply reflecting about my travels. I will go down memory lane and share some of the experiences that I have had. I will also share the things that have caught my interest in Sri Lanka. Although, I may not be able to share everything, Im just hoping that with the new wisdom that I have gained I can inspire someone.
Enjoy  and Share!
God Bless You
Iraimi : )

One thought on “Another Journey to Begin

  1. That’s good to take time to process and think about your experience while you’re still there (something I wish I did more in Chile) I miss you!! Im so happy to hear things are going well for you 🙂 love you lots!

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