Poem #3: April 3, 2013

Write about/to another poet. Famous or unknown.

The way you embody your most painful secrets, gives me the courage of fighting my own demons .
Your vocabulary is so flawless that it polishes my ear drums.
The vibration of your accent,lightly drapes over my heart with the sensitivity of a silk scarf.
Your dark skin tone under the spotlight, reveals the intricacy of your genetic makeup.
You have been made so unique but your body was constructed with the sole purpose of empathizing with the rest of world.
The way that you elevate your body onto your tip toes, puts me on the edge of my seat.
I am honored to witness and embrace with you, your chance to flee.
I consider myself your lover because I’m the only one in the audiance that can see your wings unravel as you reach your highest level of extacy.
My precious poet you are my spoken word soulmate.


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