When the Mask Finally Cracks:A Second Chance

Part 3 When the Mask Finally Cracks: A Second Chance

Women Leaders and Activist

ImageJessica woke up at the hospital surrounded by her daughter, family and Leonard. Her mother was worried and crying hysterically. Everyone asked why? Why did Jessica try to kill herself? The family began to ask Leonard questions but he told them , that he was as surprised as they were. He did not know what was wrong with Jessica. The family was also scared that Jessica would go to jail.

In Sri Lanka it is against the law to try and commit suicide on your own. They quickly called Jessica’s uncle who was among the high ranking officers in the Sri Lanka police department. He resolved the problem by not disclosing in the police report that Jessica tried to commit suicide. The family also kept this secret between themselves. The extended family or friends did not know anything about Jessica’s suicide. Jessica’s picture perfect family life continued to be staged…

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