30/30 Poem#4

NaPoWriMo Prompt April 4, 2013:
Use a line from your favorite song (or your least favorite song) as the first line in a poem.

I chose my line from a song by India Arie called “I’am not my hair”


I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations no,no.
I admire her beauty, despite her sorrow bleaching rituals.
I see how her eyes plump out of her eye sockets when I invade her insecurities.
I cringe as she enthralls her mind at the sight of my long hair and skin.
The way that she embraces my skin color makes me nauseous.
She omits my blackness from my heritage as she whitens my facial features.
She points out that I would reach perfection if I was 15 pounds lighter but at least my faire skin gives me a pass.
I fear her sometimes, I don’t know who’s behind the mask of all that skin lighting cream.
Her loyalty to whiteness blinds her from the reality that the whitening creams can not peal of her identity .
I tell her that bleaching her skin may alter her “brown curse” but she can never alter Gods master piece.


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