When the Mask Finally Cracks: “The Secret is Revealed”

I forgot to reblog the second part of this story. I hope you can read it starting with part 1

Women Leaders and Activist

As the years went by Jessica worked hard with Leonard to bring up her brothers and sisters. Everything began to come together and the family’s situation improved. But it was a different case for Jessica and Leonard. It all started with the small problems. Jessica noticed that Leonard was always out working. He was barely home and returned very late. When Jessica would confront him about this he never gave her a straight answer. As a matter of fact he never answered any of her questions. Jessica always spoke with Leonard in their bedroom. They never had any disagreements in front of her family. For them Jessica had the perfect life. Her family saw her as a strong women who could do anything in the world.One eyewitness that was always around was Jessica’s daughter. From a very young age her daughter suspected that something was wrong between her mother and…

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