When Distance Brings Us Closer

The Distance between our Love

The Distance between our Love

Today, during the moments of silence and loneliness, I closed my eyes and awakened the sensations that your lips have left on my lips and my entire being. For a second, I felt you in all of the ways that you have given yourself to me. My favorite, is how your laugh tickles away my shame and invites my laugh to dance with the same rhythm as the muscles in your belly. There are some seconds where I feel you, physically and sense you, mentally. Distance is so revealing because in these sacred moments, I know you are there with me. Excitingly welcoming my fingers to breach in between your fingers and breading in longer to allow my scent to fully invade your oxygen supply. These miles of distance are perfect because I can see all of the imperfections, perfections and the strategy that God used to create such a phenomenal best friend, husband and father to my children.

This poem is a fraction of my “I love you” because the three letter phrase is not enough to tell you or show you, how strong my heart beats for you.

Your Forever


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